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sixth-formSixth Form – Years 12 and 13. Key Stage 5 - A levels -
Preparing for Higher Education and University

Following the IGCSE examinations, students wishing to go on to university or other institutions of higher education follow the A Level courses offered by the school.

The A level courses is an internationally recognised pre-university qualification that enables students to access universities in the United Kingdom, Spain and elsewhere in the world. The A Level system is based on the concept of transferable skills, a variety of which are acquired in any of the students' chosen subjects. Alongside specific subject knowledge a special focus is placed on independent learning and development of skills which enable the students to develop the ability to think outside predetermined pathways in preparation for university study. As our school actively supports the entry of some students to Spanish universities we also provide additional, specific lessons in certain PAU subjects to enhance applications to competitive courses and Spanish universities in areas such as medicine, dentistry, engineering and veterinary science.

In Year 12, students choose 4 or 5 subjects according to their strengths, interests and future aspirations. The examinations at the end of Year 12 (AS) constitute the halfway mark of the course and represent 50% of the final A-Level grade. In the second year of the A-Level students normally continue with 3 or 4 out of their initial AS subjects, taking these to the full A-Level, while one remains at AS standard. A combination of subjects is possible and appropriate advice is given to students to ensure the most suitable choice is made. Subjects offered include Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History, French, German, Business Studies, Music and Art. In addition, A-Level Spanish is a compulsory subject for all of our Sixth Form students.

The school also strongly believes that Sixth Form life is not solely about academic programmes and success and that Sixth Formers should play an important role within the school community and are, therefore, given a variety of opportunities to contribute to school life. We offer a Complementary Studies programme where students participate in community service work (including regular visits to the local geriatric hospital), provide support for our younger students and take regular exercise in a variety of sports activities. Our Sixth Form students also continue to benefit from participation in the wide ranging options offered as part of our Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities Programme. These opportunities enable our oldest students to become valued, active and responsible members of the school community and provide excellent experience which can serve them well in later life.


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