school-primaryWelcome to the Junior School at The British School of Gran Canaria (Key Stage 2 – Years 3 to 6).

Whether our children come through our very successful Infant Departments or join us from other schools, they all continue their individual learning and social development in our Junior School through thoroughly planned and executed programmes of study and activities ensuring their continued enjoyment of success and their development of the self-confidence and self-belief so necessary to be well prepared for the rigour of our Secondary School.

At the British School of Gran Canaria every individual child matters. Hence the development of the whole child is at the heart of B.S.G.C.’s primary education programme. Learning in the Primary School is about developing personal, emotional and social skills as well as being an intellectual and academic process. We aim to help children find their voice – their own unique, personal significance. We encourage them to think about their contribution to the world – how they will try to make a difference as responsible and engaged members of the school community, as well as citizens in our ever changing world. We provide an ideal vehicle for children to develop their communication skills and become truly bi-lingual and in many cases tri-lingual.

Values such as compassion, respect and friendliness are an integral part of the school’s ethos. Clear boundaries and simple rules help ensure that B.S.G.C. is a happy and safe place to learn. We expect our children to work hard, but also to enjoy themselves. We also have high expectations for our pupils with regard to morals and manners. Hence we have a fair discipline code, agreed with the children and applied consistently across the school. We believe in catching children being good and celebrate positive achievement and behavior with rewards on a daily basis in class, weekly at assemblies and termly at prize giving assemblies at which parents are encouraged to share in our pupils’ successes.

Children take on responsibilities as part of their citizenship education from being class monitors through to representing classes on the democratically elected Primary School Council. Each year our children adopt a charity and work hard raising money in a variety of innovative ways to help those less fortunate than themselves.

From the earliest age we ensure that children have an enjoyable experience at school and are motivated to learn and improve. This positive attitude is supported by a highly professional staff who model and encourage appropriate learning habits. Children who have specific needs, including those who are particularly able, are supported and guided by the class teachers with the assistance of committed and highly experienced learning support assistants.

The curriculum is based on that of the National Curriculum for England and Wales, adapted to reflect the needs of our international and multicultural community and to make the most of the opportunities of being in Spain and, more specifically, the Canary Islands. In addition, pupils study Spanish ‘Lengua’.

In Years 3 to 6, the broad areas of learning are as follows:

  • Understanding English, Communication and Languages
  • Mathematical Understanding
  • Scientific and Technological Understanding
  • Human, Social and Environmental Understanding
  • Understanding Physical Health and Well-Being
  • Understanding the Arts

As children progress through the Junior department (7 to 11 years of age), they are exposed to specialist subject teachers from both our own Primary School and Secondary School staff which enables us to utilize specialist subject teaching and ensure that student transition from the Primary to the Secondary phase is smooth and seamless.

Children have opportunities to extend their educational experiences through planned excursions including residential visits. They enjoy dressing up and taking part in themed days throughout the year such as Carnival and ‘Canary Day’. Also we provide an interesting and varied program of after school activities to further develop our pupils’ skills and interests. Our children participate enthusiastically in a variety of inter-school sports events on the island. Further, all of our children love to share their talents with parents and guests at our Christmas and Summer musical and dramatic performances.

Communication between school and parents is key to ensuring the continued development and happiness of each child. Parents are always welcome to discuss any aspect of the Primary School.

We are all very proud of our school which provides an excellent education for your children who will be the leaders and decision makers of the future.

Andrew Bailey
Head of Primary - Tafira School

British School Of Gran Canaria
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