Mysteries in the mist

03jul2019-mysteriesAfter reading Secretos en la nube, Y9 students met Jorge Alonso, the author of the book, who gave them a talk about the risks of Internet and online safety. Like the characters in the story, they understood why it is important to make a responsible use of new technologies. All of Year 9 learnt a practical lesson for the 21st-Century world that they will never forget.

By royal appointment

02jul2019-royalOn Friday, June 14th, we couldn't wait to wake up. The seven of us were so excited and more eager than ever to get to school. Yet our adventure had already began three months earlier when we entered the What is a King for You? contest.

It was time to collect our award. It didn't matter what prize we were given. We already felt like winners as we'd made the final line-up.

Arriving at the airport, we met some of the competition. On the plane, we were handed chocolates, sweets, and wipes. After landing in Tenerife, we were bused to the Canary Islands Government Headquarters.

We felt very fortunate to be one of the 38 finalists from a total of 784 participants. They showed us into the room where you could see all the entries. Then we passed to where they announced who would have a reception with King Felipe VI.

Here, we met the Deputy Education Minister, the Fies Foundation President, and the Orange Director who handed us our consolation prizes. We were sad not to win. However, we were happy to make it over to Tenerife in the first place.

Alexia, Alma AB, Ernesto, Sara, Adriana, Carla P and Carlos

Canary chronicles

26jun-2019-canariasTafira Year 6 have finished their time at Primary School by creating projects about the Canary Islands.

Project pattern

25jun2019-patternY7 have recently completed a rotating pattern printing project. These vibrant designs were achieved using a foam-printing block and rollers. Students had to be very careful to place each layer of colour exactly over the previous one and rotate the plate 90 degrees each time. Well done, Y7.

Dual Jewels

25jun2019-jewelsThe South School has enjoyed providing Fencing as an enrichment activity for the last two years. Thanks to our coach, many of our pupils have enjoyed considerable success in competitions locally and nationally. Recently Yraya and María from Year 4 and Rodrigo from Year 5 from the South School Fencing club competed in the National Spanish Fencing tournament in Madrid.

They all acquitted themselves exceptionally well against stiff competition. María won gold in her category and became the Spanish National Champion. We are all very proud of our Fencing team, especially María.

Congratulations to all. All for one and one for all. Next step, the Europeans???

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