The British School Academic Scholarships 2012-13

Each year The British School celebrates the outstanding academic achievement of its Year 11 students by awarding two academic scholarships for the school. The scholarships are in recognition of exceptional performance in the International Examinations taken in Year 11, with the aim of supporting the academic development of the awardees within the demanding, pre-university A Level courses at our school.

Summer School 2012

Over fifty children enjoyed a month of English lessons and activities at our Summer School in July this year.

The aim of the course is to help improve student confidence in speaking and listening, as well as to teach them specific vocabulary and grammar, in English. For this reason all classes and activities are delivered through the medium of English as the target language.

You might think that this is very hard for the students who, in the main, attend Spanish schools, but after a day or so you would be surprised as to how well they adapt and begin to respond equally well in English as they do in their native languages.

All students from 3 years old to 16 years of age work hard and play hard together. It is like a big family, all enjoying each other’s company whilst learning valuable language skills together.

Year 6 Camp 2012 - El Garañón

We have just returned from a fantastic camp in the mountains of Gran Canaria. We met up with the year 6 children from our school in the south and really enjoyed getting to know them better.

We stayed in log cabins and enjoyed being with our classmates for four days in the ‘campo’. Some of us felt a bit homesick but the great thing was that our friends and the teachers helped us feel better so no-one went home early.

The British School of Gran Canaria Invitational Football Tournament 2012

This year saw the introduction of a new sporting event on the calendar which will now become an eagerly anticipated annual event. The inaugural British School of Gran Canaria Invitational Football Tournament was held at Las Palmas University on the 23rd May, an event which saw the four English speaking schools on the island compete for the right to be the first to have their names engraved on the trophy.

The event was a great success with over 100 students participating across two age groups. The standard of football was extremely high with all four schools competing well to ensure a closely fought contest.

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