In the pink

09oct2019-pink-dayPupil and staff from the South School took part in a non-uniform pink day on Friday 4th October in support of La Asociación Canaria De Cáncer De Mama y Ginecológico (ACCM), Fundación Foresta y Proyecto Vecinal de Alimentos. Several members of the whole school community also participated in the Annual ACCM walk in Maspalomas on Saturday 5th October. Thank you to everyone who contributed because, as a school, we managed to raise over €850!

Reflecting with South School's Year 6

07oct2019-reflectionWhich materials reflect light best? That was the subject of the latest science investigation by South School's Year 6. As you can see from the photo, we had a lot of fun finding out the answers.

Mountain highs

04oct2019-mountainYear 11 recently went to the Llanos de la Pez in in the mountains to investigate the distribution of grasses and lichen in different habitats. They worked in groups and measured the distribution of these organisms using quadrats. They also used ecological equipment to measure other abiotic factors such as light intensity, angle of the slope and pH of the soil in order to obtain data to help them draw conclusions about the interactions between these organisms and the habitats in which they are found. These investigations also prompted important discussions about the impact of human behaviour, specifically car exhaust fumes, on local habitats. Students worked solidly for two hours and enjoyed spending time in such a beautiful setting.

Photographer: Sammy Vila Van Wijk

V for Vegueta

30sep2019-museo-canarioOn Thursday 26th September, Year 9 enjoyed a fascinating morning out at the acclaimed Museo Canario and on the historic streets of Vegueta. Señor Rodríguez arranged the trip as we have been studying prehistoric Gran Canaria in Sociales. 9CB began their tour in the museum whilst 9MS walked through the ages in the cobbled pathways.

Both activities helped us better understand pre-Spanish culture and history. In the Museo Canario, we saw at first hand the living conditions of the canarii along with their mummies and pintaderas. On the streets of Vegueta, a guide told us how the aborigines arrived to the island and about the battles they fought against various invasion forces.

All in all, it was great fun. We could see up close the actual materials and tools used by the canarii Señor Rodríguez had been telling us about in class. The morning out broadened our horizons and reacquainted us with our island's past.

Lorena García García (9MS)

All Greek

27sep2019-potteryThe South School's Year 5 have been making Greek-style vases out of clay, as part of our topic about Ancient Greece. The children have been using different tools and techniques to create a hollow sphere and mould it into a vase shape. Students then added details such as the base, neck, and handles.

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