Book Swapping Day

29apr2013-Book-swappingSince April 23 was World Book Day, the Spanish Department (with the help of the English Department) organized a Book-swapping event that took place in school on Friday 26 April. Secondary students had the opportunity to bring books that they no longer wanted to keep at home. They received a voucher for each book they brought. These vouchers were then exchanged for books on the day of the event, which was really successful. It was especially moving to see how our older students generously gave some of their vouchers to younger pupils so that they could also take some books home on the day. We would like to thank all the families that allowed their children to bring books to school. Thank you to all our pupils, particularly to the Y12 and Y13 students who helped organized the event throughout the day.

Year 4 Excursion to Alcampo

18apr2013-yr4-alcampoYear 4 visited Alcampo with the objective of learning about different processes involved in running a large supermarket. The children learnt about how many people work in the different departments and about Health and Safety regulations. They also saw how the fresh bread and pastries are prepared.

The children learnt about the origin of different imported products and how it is packaged, labeled and priced. This was a valuable lesson for the children and it was an interesting experience for them all which they thoroughly enjoyed - especially making their own bread!

Year 11 Geography Trip to San Mateo

16apr2013-y11-geo-san-mateoAs part of the IGCSE Geography course pupils are required to take part in an urban field study. On 8th March, Year 11 geographers spent the day in San Mateo investigating traffic flows in the town, the environmental quality of different locations, completing a land use survey and carrying out questionnaires.

It was an invaluable experience for pupils, as it not only prepared them for the IGCSE exam, but it also enhances their team work, organisation and communication skills.

You can see the pictures in our School Trips gallery.

Year 8 Geography Trip to Dunes de Maspalomas

11apr2013-Y8-Geo-Trip-MaspalomasOn Thursday 21 March, year 8 geographers were treated to an exciting trip to visit the Dunes y Charca de Maspalomas.

We were joined by a guide for the day who took us to the different locations and explained about the formation of the dunes, how they are under threat, the importance of the dunes for the tourist industry, and what is being done to protect them.

He also gave us a guided tour of the two locations, where we discovered the amazing flora and fauna of these two major ecosystems.

See the full gallery through this link.

BSGC South - Demostración de Concentración y Cálculo Mental

08apr2013-ucmas-southEl pasado día 12 de Marzo de 2013 se celebró en el Bristh School of Gran Canaria South, una ceremonia de demostración Ucmas de Ábaco y Cálculo mental, en la cual los alumnos y alumnas que asisten a esta actividad pudieron demostrar los conocimientos y habilidades adquiridos a lo largo del curso.

El acto dio comienzo con una pequeña demostración de cálculos mentales por parte de los alumnos y alumnas de cada nivel impartido en el centro. El equipo de Ucmas Canarias, con esta ceremonia, quería que los padres pudiesen ver de lo que sus hijos son capaces de hacer utilizando el método Ucmas de desarrollo intelectual.

Para finalizar el acto, Mrs. Lynn Cabral directora del centro, dirigió unas palabras felicitando a los alumnos por las habilidades demostradas y el fruto del esfuerzo de los alumnos. Posteriormente el Sr. Girish Aidasani (Gary) director de UCMAS Canarias entrego a los alumnos y alumnas los diplomas de cada nivel, felicitándolos por el trabajo realizado y toda su dedicación durante el curso.

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