School of fish

18mar2019-fishOn Friday 8th March, Tafira's Year 4 received some fascinating schooling outside the classroom at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's Poema del Mar. We learned about the natural habitat of the marine animals and lizards at this aquarium. The friendly and informative staff also explained to us about the conservation programme they've set up to ensure future generations continue to see these wonderful creatures we share Planet Earth with.

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Miss Williams

Pride of the Cubs

14mar2019-football2Congratulations to our Young Lions, Tafira Years 3 and 4 Football team, who won the league after defeating CEIP Pepe Dámaso 3-2 away on Wednesday 13th March. Fran scored an outstanding hat-trick Cristiano Ronaldo style against a stubborn Atlético Madridesque defence and Alicia Bergasa repelled everything thrown at her in goal.








Years 5 and 6 were not so fortunate, however, losing 5-2 to the same opponents. Year 6's Angel at his most agile scored both goals. Dante (Year 5) made his debut in goal and stopped many shots from Pepe Dámaso's trademark lightning counter-attacks.

Miss Claire

Traffic alert

08mar2019-trafficOn Wednesday 6th March, a guest speaker from Aesleme, the Spanish association committed to the prevention of accidents causing spinal cord and brain injuries, visited the school. Moisés Santana talked to Year 11, 12, and 13 students about the serious consequences of traffic collisions. As many of this age range are considering taking driving lessons or learning to drive already, it's imperative that they understand the essentials of road safety and Moisés, confined to a wheelchair since being involved in a car crash nine years ago, gave a cautionary and informative presentation.

A piece of chocolate

06mar2019-chocolateOn Tuesday 26th February, we told the whole of Secondary about chocolate. This included a short sketch about its discovery. Then we asked quiz questions to our audience which was a lot of fun with other students finding out some new chocolate-related facts.

Later we shared a video with teachers giving their opinion about the ethical impact of this favourite for those with a sweet tooth. We ended with a quick video revealing how to make Oreo-style cookies. All of the class loved planning this assembly and we hope other students enjoyed watching it.

Teresa Han
Year 9

Folk masterstroke

06mar2019-ballymenaA select group of students recently returned from a music trip to Northern Ireland that had three main aims:

1.) participate in the Ballymena Festival,
2.) perform a joint music concert with the Kellswater Flute Band and Arran School of Dancing to strengthen links with these musicians and dancers,
3.) experience typical Northern Irish culture.

The Ballymena Festival included participants from around the globe and we were delighted to win some prizes. These included a first place for Sergio Torres and a second place for his sister María in the violin solo class. Both students played beautifully on the day and received very encouraging feedback from the adjudicator.
Luis Santana and Carlos Morales were also highly commended on their piano performances, categories that included a large number of entries. As well as the quantity of competition, there was quality too.
In addition we enjoyed many wonderful experiences during our time in Northern Ireland. Including strings masterclasses, a visit to a local printers to design the concert programme, a trip to a family bakery, taking in the Titanic Belfast, and being dwarfed by the Giant's Causeway to name a few. Here's some feedback from the students who went to Northern Ireland:

"I recently had the pleasure to visit Northern Ireland to play at the Ballymena Festival and I loved it. The culture, the people, the food including Tayto crisps and sausage rolls, the music, and the dance were all perfect. I want to go again next year."

"Our visit to Northern Ireland was amazing. My favourite parts of the trip were the competition, the Giant´s Causeway, Irish dancing and the concert. Actually I can´t choose one as I loved them all."

"Going to Northern Ireland was one of the best experiences of my life. What I particularly enjoyed doing was designing the programme with Miss McDonald´s cousin, Michelle. We took part in a concert with Kellswater Flute Band and had the chance to play a folk song with a group of violinists which sounded wonderful."

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