Y13 Biology Trip to Maspalomas Dunes

Y13 Biology trip to MaspalomasDespite the omen of bad weather, which threatened to delay once more our field-trip to the sand dunes, the sun greeted us with a warm welcome. The aim of this trip was to gather hands-on information about the process of sand dune succession and there is no better way to learn something than actually seeing it for yourself!

Ecological succession involves the series of changes in an ecological community that occur over time after a disturbance. An ecological community undergoes various changes from when it is first colonised by plants, until a mature climax community is established. The colonisers are known as pioneer species (e.g. marram grass). These species have adapted themselves to survive harsh environmental conditions (e.g. lack of water) and grow to colonise an area. Different organisms out-compete each other as you move up a sand dune. Over time more complex species start to appear until bushes and trees arrive. These establish themselves where the conditions are better (i.e. more water availability) until the climax community is established e.g. amazon rainforest or, in the case of Maspalomas, palm groves.

CSI Tafira

Last June, something new was added to our activity plan for the end of year week. This was the C.S.I. Tafira, where we could study the techniques of a real forensic scientist.

After studying and learning the basic techniques, we tested our abilities with our groups to solve a crime!

Some of the things we learned in this activity are:

  • Revealing, transporting and comparing finger prints.
  • Comparing footprints.
  • Studying hairs and fibres under a microscope.
  • Finding the difference between two or more different pens by using chromatography
  • Analysing handwriting

Once we completed this journey through criminology and science, we received an award in recognition for our hard work.

Miguel Escudero

My First Days at Nursery - A Child's Perspective


My first days at the British school were very hard, all I wanted to do was go home to be with my mummy, but the teachers were very kind and kept telling me not to cry, because my mummy would soon come. The teachers showed me a visual time-table of the day. I soon understood that I would have some special work time, I would play with some great equipment on the patio, have lunch, go to sleep and then it would be home time.

The British School Academic Scholarships 2012-13

Each year The British School celebrates the outstanding academic achievement of its Year 11 students by awarding two academic scholarships for the school. The scholarships are in recognition of exceptional performance in the International Examinations taken in Year 11, with the aim of supporting the academic development of the awardees within the demanding, pre-university A Level courses at our school.

Summer School 2012

Over fifty children enjoyed a month of English lessons and activities at our Summer School in July this year.

The aim of the course is to help improve student confidence in speaking and listening, as well as to teach them specific vocabulary and grammar, in English. For this reason all classes and activities are delivered through the medium of English as the target language.

You might think that this is very hard for the students who, in the main, attend Spanish schools, but after a day or so you would be surprised as to how well they adapt and begin to respond equally well in English as they do in their native languages.

All students from 3 years old to 16 years of age work hard and play hard together. It is like a big family, all enjoying each other’s company whilst learning valuable language skills together.

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