Ski fundays

01apr2019-ski-tripWe had a great time on the ski trip to Girona's La Masella from March 3rd to 8th. On and off the piste, we did so many different things. So, as well as learning how to ski on the nursery slopes, we hiked to historic capital Puigcerda where we immediately hit the sweet shop. We also took the water at Roman baths over the border in France and went bowling in La Molina. Another highlight was skiing at night as well as swimming in the hotel's heated pool. There was so much to choose from at the hotel's buffet meals. We also held our very own fashion show and everybody laughed so much.

Mónica Zhou (7MF)

The masks

27mar2019-masksY7 have recently completed an art project based on ceremonial masks from around the world. The students developed their own designs based on research and made them using Papier- mâché. Well done, Y7!








And the winner is...

25mar2019-awardOn Thursday March 21st, Señorita Garcia and three Year 9 students had the honour of representing The British School at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's Biblioteca Insular. Here, we picked up an award recognizing our school for its participation in numerous library events. These have included a story marathon where students from different schools competed against each other to write and then read stories with a common theme.

Carlos Rodríguez (Year 9NF)

Animal magic

22mar2019-animal-magicAs part of their topic work on animals, Tafira Year One visited Granja El Tío Isidro on Tuesday 20th March. We saw Canarian pigs, goats, sheep, chicks, rabbits, frogs, geese and some turkeys. What's more, we even went into the pens of many of these animals to feed and stroke them. All in all, we learned lots about the animals and have enjoyed interacting with them in their natural environment.

Feeling hot hot hot

18mar2019-climate-changeAs hundreds of thousands of students demonstrated around the world on Friday 15th March to demand that more is done to tackle climate change, Year 3 children in the South School also decided to take the opportunity to have their say. Parents visiting the school to watch Carnival performances got more than they bargained for when Year 3 performed a dramatic dance to show the effect of climate change on our planet and then chanted and sang, questioning what is going to be done to save their planet. They were proud to be a part of a global movement of young people fighting for action and change!

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