03jul2018-south-summer-showThe parents of pupils in the South school enjoyed a fantastic theatrical spectacular at the Casa de Cultura, San Fernando on Tuesday 19th June. Early Years and Infants staged a fun-packed show pitching Pirates against Mermaids. Each insisting they were better than the other but in the end agreeing to be friends and to accept their differences.

The acting was superb, the singing in English was a delight and the costumes prepared by the parents stunning. We are very grateful to our parents who also provided the materials for the backdrops and props. Their contribution didn't stop there, as they painted and designed many of the items augmenting the visual impact of the performances.

Our heartfelt congratulations to the children who rose to the occasion and performed their best in front of a packed theatre. In the interval between shows, we were treated to an amazing, synchronized, acrobatic dance by Carlota and Adriana L from our Year 6 class that they will be performing in the World Dance Championships in Barcelona. The girls are representing Spain and we wish them all the very best in this prestigious event.

The Juniors entered the stage dressed for the ABBA Story, psychedelic costumes, flared trousers, with flowers in their hair and proceeded to WOW the audience with a spectacular representation of the history of the legendary Swedish band with dances and versions of many of the songs that the group are famous for.

There were a great deal of talented soloists who gave their all, and performed to a very high level of professionalism. The choruses were beautifully sung by the children and brought the audience into a rapturous appreciation of the quality of the entire show.

From the youngest children in the Nursery to the oldest in Year 6, we must warmly congratulate them for their superb efforts and extend this shout out to all of the teachers who helped to stage the shows – and especially Miss Barna and Miss Tina who directed the Infants and Miss Wilson and Mr. Payne who did the same for the Juniors.

Andrew Bailey
Head Teacher South

Looking into the eyes of a heron

02jul2018-ojos-garzaLast Thursday, the Year 12 Biology students visited Ojos de Garza beach for their ecology fieldwork. On the rocks, we investigated the effect of the distance from the shore on the density, frequency and size of many of the organisms that live there, such as barnacles, algae and limpets. It was a trip that required team work, planning ahead and adapting to each specific situation that arose. We obtained various sets of data, to apply statistical tests to them in class. These tests are part of the A level Unit 6 exam which Y12 Biology students will take next year, so the practice is very useful! Most importantly, we all had a great time.

Marina Márquez (Y12TW)

Round and round we go

02jul2018-roundersOn Tuesday 12th June, the Tafira Primary rounders club played their first-ever match against another school! Extremely excited, the team travelled to play on the Marzagan playing field against Oakley. Children from all four primary classes played in an intense match where our skills as fantastic fielders and brilliant batters meant we won 27-17. Delighted by both the performance and the win, we sincerely hope to encourage more schools to join the league for the next school year!

Sticks and Tricks

18jun2018-sticks-tricksSaturday June 9th saw The British School of Gran Canaria hockey team play in the final tournament of the season. They lost the first two games, drew the third one and won their last match by an incredible 12 goals to nil. Even when they were losing, they worked well as a team and showed great sportsmanship. Well done, BSGC hockey team. We look forward to more fixtures next academic year!

Theatre of Dreams


On Tuesday 12th June, the Spanish Drama club was honoured to perform the play we have been preparing all year on the stage of the historic Teatro Cuyas in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at Muestra Teatraula 2018.
As part of this initiative, our company took part in an intense preparation process until we found out that we had been selected for this event, and then the work became even harder. Every Tuesday, Gema Quintana, pedagogical assistant, and Victor Formoso, director, actor and head of the project, visited The British School of Gran Canaria to help us improve our diction and interpretation techniques.

The week before the premiere was even more all-consuming. With our costumes and props, on the 4th June, we performed at the South school, which filled us with energy for the first technical rehearsal at Cuyas on the 5th. Then we met our stage manager and producer, who came to see our rehearsals in school that same evening. On the 12th we spent the afternoon in the Teatro Cuyas doing more rehearsals... until the big moment came. In the audience, our friends, parents, teachers and relatives expressed their support with their big smiles and hearty applause. The show was really funny and the spectators couldn't stop laughing at our parody of Little Red Riding Hood.

It was a great experience. Not only have we brought a group of friends even closer together through drama, but we have overcome our shyness to speak in public having fun at the same time. It was a day that we will never forget..

Diego Falcón, Javier Sánchez and Juan Acosta (8MS)

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