In Germany I am Johann, In England I am John

21may2019-maratonOn Friday 10th May, Year 8 attended the 19th Maratón de Cuentos de la Biblioteca Insular; in Vegueta's Plaza Santa Ana. During the day, we heard several stories told by the finest raconteurs. They narrated tales which stole the audiences' breath away and made them roar with laughter.

We also contributed to this cultural event by recounting Canarian legends. Although originally narrated in Spanish, we translated them into our mother tongues. So the La Gomera myth of Gara y Jonay was read by Alejandra Suarez, Lorena, and Máximo in Spanish before being translated into Wolof by Buba and into German, by Silja.

Then La Leyenda del Garoe was read by Domingo, Miguel and Paula in Spanish, and sections from it were translated into French, by Salma, and English, by Pablo. We also told a typical Canarian story called El Drago Milenario, where the narrators in Spanish were Alicia, Alejandra Gil and Lara, whilst Alessandro read it in Italian, Lorea in Basque and Hensi, Janvi, and Ronak in Hindi. Finally, Doramas was narrated by María, Doina, Sergio, and Carlos in Spanish and by Yi Xuan in Chinese, Sua, in Korean, Miki, in Polish, Pedro, in Portuguese, and Javier, in Galician.

Overall, this was an unforgettable experience. Hearing tales from others transported us to a range of different places and times. They opened doors marked curiosity, leading to destinations both foreign and unknown.

Alicia García Martín (8MS)

Growth of reading

20may2019-readingCheck out The South School's brand new reading garden. Year 2, with the help of Miss Tina and Miss Barna, have been hands on; designing and making a relaxing nook so that the whole school can pick up and get their heads stuck in a book! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Audience with an author

20may2019-osorioThe South School's Year 3 and Year 4, accompanied by their teachers Miss Dykstra and Mr Wood, enjoyed a day out to remember on Tuesday 14th May; exploring Teror's Finca de Osorio. Here they met with Bernardo Jaén Otero who penned the children's classic: Los Mulkis en la Finca de Osorio. It describes the adventures of three little aliens who descend to Earth and end up in Gran Canaria's very own Finca de Osorio.

Bernardo showed us around this beautiful estate and explained how he got some of the ideas for his book. Students were encouraged to use their five senses on the tour. Discovering seedlings which will be sent to new plantations on the island in a concerted campaign to regrow Gran Canaria's flora.

Years 3 and 4 have been learning a song about the Osorio that the author's brother wrote. This musician turned up in person, along with his ukulele. It was a special moment when we all sang together on the mountainside.


17may2019-elastigirlYear 9SJ's Gema Ruiz excelled at the Autonomous Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships on Sunday May 12th. This prestigious competition held at Santa Lucía de Tirajana's Sports Pavilion saw Junior Gema, representing Club Attenya-Telde, finish runner-up in the rope event and third with the ball. Gema and her partner also qualified for next June's Spanish Championships.

Poetry in motion

16may2019-poemaSouth School's Year 2 had so much fun visiting Poema Del Mar. We were so lucky to have a guided tour where we learned all about the incredible sea life that we have all around the world.

It was amazing to discover all the different types of species that are found underwater, especially the pig-nosed turtles.

We loved getting up close and personal with sharks and stingrays. What's more, we even managed to find Nemo and his friend Dory! Most importantly, however, we were reminded how crucial it is that we look after our oceans and reduce the impact of single-use plastic.

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