Techno hits

12jun2019-techno-hitCongratulations to Year 10EC's Ana Bulchand. Along with her partner, IES La Minilla's Sara Betancor, she forms one half of MoleCool Girls. They entered the Technovation Challenge, a project for female students aged from 10 to 18 to promote the use of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths).

Ana and Sara are competing in the senior (15 to 18) category which is sponsored by the likes of Google, Adobe, Walmart, and the United Nations. More than 1,000 teams have been whittled down to 150 worldwide. The two to make these semi-finals from the Canary Islands are MoleCool Girls and Orion Company.

Teams are required to deliver a business plan. The application that MoleCool Girls have developed is called Eldergetic. They have been mentored by Ana's mother, Freya Morales.

Gaining Kilos

07jun2019-charityWith the intense interest in the Canarian products for sale during the Día de Canarias, the girls in the Learn to Lead fundraising team made more than 200 euros in profit. This was spent on 265 kilos of baby milk for the Food Bank. 265 kilos of thanks!

Sing like a Canary

06jun2019-dia-canariasAnother year, another Día de Canarías. 2019's fell on Friday 31st May and it provided an opportunity for students and teachers from the British School of Gran Canaria to celebrate the culture we live in during a day packed with fun activities.

In Primary, the day started with storytelling from Year 8, who told the tale of the Garoé and the Drago trees to the little ones. During Secondary assembly, we shared news about the different workshops that were going to take place and listened to the Canarian legends of Doramas and Gara and Jonay.

The day passed by really quickly. The Infants sang and danced to typical Canarian songs, they cooked local dishes and enjoyed traditional games. In Primary, students made Canarian toys and then had their breaths taken away from them by the drama performance at the end of the day.

Secondary students made Canarian crafts, fought bouts of Canarian wrestling, tried their hand at stick fighting, and challenged their brain power with intelligence games. Also, Canarian sweets and drinks were sold in order to raise funds for charity. This money will be used to buy goods for the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria food bank.

Thanks to everybody for making this day such a special occasion.

When pen pals meet

31may2019-pen-palsSpanish Secondary Second Language students have struck up a friendship with their peers at the Deutsche School Las Palmas. They have been writing to each other; with the island's official German school sending a letter in English and BSGC replying in Spanish.

On Monday 27th May, we visited their base in Almatriche and were shown around the school as part of an informative tour. Then we played some games. We finished off with lunch which was pizza, a delicious end to an enjoyable excursion.

Teresa Han (Y9NF)

Upwards and onwards

28may2019-climbingThe South School's Year 3 class recently enjoyed a visit to a climbing centre. It was so much fun for them to scramble up the various walls. However, the most important thing is that they learned to do so safely.

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