Wise heads, young shoulders

12nov2019-clever-choicesYear 10 and Year 11 recently enjoyed 'Clever Choices Week', developed by the PSHE department led by Ms. Froidevaux. This provided an opportunity for students to discuss topics with professionals that wouldn't usually be talked about in a class environment. Some of the topics included were sex education, relaxation, stress management, yoga, alcohol and drugs.
So, we had a lesson on relaxation techniques. Here we explored the advantages of the Jacobson method that preaches simplicity and versatility.

Then we had a yoga workshop, led by Ruth, an instructor from Buena Vibra, which taught us the principles of yoga and the benefits we could acquire from it.
The following day, we listened to a sex education talk by Amigos Contra el Sida, an association that works with HIV and AIDS victims. We went through the basics of contraception methods and STI prevention.

Next morning started with a talk based on the consumption of tobacco and cannabis. It was very interesting to investigate both sides of the argument and learn about why these products are legal even though they are terribly harmful to us.

Friday was our last day and finished with a workshop all about hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. All of us found it very informative and felt like we had a lot more knowledge in the topic as we aren't exposed to these subjects very often. Mainly because they are found a bit too taboo by modern society.

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