Interschool Spelling Competition - Heidelberg School

04apr2017-spellingLast Thursday, 4th April, four students from Year 10 attended the Interschool Spelling Competition at Heidelberg Schule, along with 6 other schools (Anita Conrad, Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, Tafira, El Batán, Claret, Teresiano). The participants were Valeria Pelizzolo (10EC), Elba Peletero (10EC) and Ander Reyes (10CM). The competition was hard-fought and close: Elba came 5th out of 24 participants. Our students put a lot of effort into preparing for the activity and experienced an unforgettable time thanks to the hospitality of the Heidelberg School community. When the activity finished, they had a snack with the other competitors and they had the chance to explore the facilities at Heidelberg School.

Congratulations to our students again for their level of spelling and their effort.

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