BSGC Musicians Visit Northern Ireland

02mar2017-music-tripDuring February 2017 a group of musicians from The British School of Gran Canaria travelled to Northern Ireland with their music teacher Claire McDonald to take part in The Ballymena Festival.

The pupils took part in various classes at the festival and achieved many 1st and 2nd places with two of their pupils Katia Nuez and Jae-min Kim Kang being invited personally by the Festival's adjudicators to participate in The Beggs and Partners, Instrumentalist of the Year which is an opportunity for 'displaying the top performers from that week'.

On Friday 24th February the pupils took part in a joint concert with Kellswater Flute band and the Arran School of Irish Dance during. This fusion of cultures is the beginning of a strong link being built between musicians in Northern Ireland and Gran Canaria as the pupils are very excited to welcome a performance with Kellswater Flute band when the band visit Gran Canaria in April.

During their visit to Northern Ireland the pupils had the chance to experience some Irish culture and cuisine. The pupil´s enjoyed their first Ulster Fry at Nobel´s Café and had a lovely evening enjoying Irish stew and socialising with members from Kellswater Flute Band.

Visiting The Giant's Causeway and "The Titanic Museum, assisting at The Irons Bakery, visiting the electrical installation department at NRC and working in a local printing company were amongst other highlights enjoyed by participants on their trip.

Claire McDonald, Group Leader, commented "I would like to sincerely thank everyone who made this trip possible, the pupils had an amazing time and we are very excited about further building and developing these links between The British School of Gran Canaria and musicians from Northern Ireland in the near future."


  • The Junior Instrumentalist of the year- Katia Nuez
  • 1st place, Flute Solo, 14 years and under- Lily Payne
  • 1st place, Any Brass instrument, 15- 16 years- Gustavo Quintana
  • 1st place, Cello Solo, 15-17 years- Jae-min Kim Kang
  • 1st place, Duet for Strings, 15-16 years- Alicia Quintana and Katia Nuez
  • 2nd place, Duet for Strings, 15-16 years- Jae-min Kim Kang and Carolina Gonzalez
  • 1st place, Unaccompanied Bach- Katia Nuez
  • 1st place, Violin Solo 13-14 years- Katia Nuez
  • 1st place, Violin Solo, Open- Katia Nuez
  • 2nd place, Cello Open- Jae-min Kim Kang
  • 1st place, Trio for Strings- Katia Nuez, Alicia Quintana and Carolina Gonzalez
  • 2nd place, Woodwind ensemble, Open- BSGC
  • 2nd place, School Instrumental Ensemble- BSGC
  • 2nd place, The Wrightgroup Northern Ireland Chamber music prize- BSGC

Invitation by the adjudicator to take part in The Beggs and Partners Instrumentalist of the year for the top performers throughout the week- Jae-min Kim Kang and Katia Nuez

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