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20dec2016-sal-trianaOn Wednesday the 14th of December Mrs.García and Mrs.San Frutos took the second language Spanish students on a school trip to Triana to learn about traditional Canarian Christmas celebrations, and to also improve our spoken Spanish skills.

We started off in Parque San Telmo where we visited a small traditional chapel and Mrs. San Frutos explained to us the meanings of the different decorations inside the church, such as the three ships hanging from the ceiling. We proceeded to Triana, where we were given questionnaires and sent off in groups to ask local people about how they celebrate Christmas. This allowed us to connect with local people whilst also improving our spoken language skills. After interviewing a few locals we continued to ´Pizco´ sandwich bar for a light snack, here we ordered in Spanish and spoke amongst ourselves in Spanish as well. To finish we went to buy souvenirs.

This day has proved to be a great experience as I have seen a visible difference in some students confidence in speaking Spanish. Furthermore I also believe interacting with local people has portrayed the school in a positive light, in addition to improving my knowledge of Canarian customs.

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