Book Swap 2017

24apr2017-book-swapLast Friday, 21st April, we celebrated International Book Day with a Book Swap. It was really poignant to see Year 12 recommending books to the youngest students and taking leadership and responsibility for the organization of everything with so much joy and energy. Another big thank you to the Year 9 students who also helped in the design of posters and in the preparation for the event. We all feel rewarded: the readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow. New books for everyone!

A Wicked Adventure

20apr2017-cocacolaOn Saturday, March 26th, students Alejandro Cabrera, Laura Vollmer, Esther Rodríguez and Jorge Rodríguez from Year 9, went to the Los Salesianos school to participate in the Young Talent Competition, sponsored by Coca-Cola. It consisted of writing a brief story, including a surprise element. This year, the objective was to incorporate an item inside a mysterious box. In our opinion, this competition was an unforgettable experience and a unique opportunity in life.

Written by Esther Rodríguez and Jorge Rodríguez

Concerts in April

Dear Parents,

I would like to offer you a warm invite to two very special concerts taking place on 12th and 14th April between our school and musicians and dancers who are joining us from Ireland.

As you may be aware, during February 2017 a group of musicians from The British School of Gran Canaria travelled to Northern Ireland to take part in a music festival as well as experiencing and enjoying some Irish culture. It has been a pleasure to enjoy and relive some of the memories with the students and also to watch new friendships grow and develop since the trip.

Our pupils achieved many 1st and 2nd places with Katia Nuez and Jae-min Kim Kang being invited to participate in The Beggs and Partners, Instrumentalist of the Year, an opportunity for 'displaying the top performers from that week'. We also took part in a joint concert with Kellswater Flute band and the Arran School of Irish Dance, beginning a fusion of cultures between musicians in Northern Ireland and Gran Canaria.

It now gives us great pleasure to welcome these musicians who will visit Gran Canaria in April. Information about these concerts is attached and we would be delighted to see you in the audience.

Kindest regards,

Claire McDonald
Music Teacher

Concert poster >>

Inspiring Individuals 10

21mar2017-inspiring-individualsOur latest Inspiring Individuals brought not one but two role models to the BSGC. Dr Tom White and Miss Alice Lake visited the school's Learning Resource Centre to talk to Year 10-13 students. Whilst Tom colourfully described a day in the life of a junior doctor, Alice talked about the scientific progress she has been making as a research assistant including some fascinating details about gene editing.

Careers Day

15mar2017-careers-dayOn Wednesday 8th of March, Careers Day took place. Visitors came in to share information and their experiences regarding their careers. Different careers were presented to us where we had the opportunity to learn and understand what was involved in each job.

We enjoyed this organised event as it enabled us to have a clearer view about our future plans. The careers in which we had the most interest in were Business, a forensic surgeon, the navy and a flight controller. We got to ask them lots of questions such as what qualifications and skills are needed, what a typical day involves and for any advice or recommendations.

Overall we found it very interesting. At first most of us were confused but this event opened doors to new careers we hadn´t thought about. Some of us even discovered new interests we didn´t know we had and it allowed us to consider a wider range of options.

We hope that this will be repeated next year and if it does we would like to have more time and meet other people with different careers. We would like to thank all the teachers for making this a successful Careers Day.

Chantal and Sarina Y10

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