Saturday School South - Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Please note that the balance for Saturday School is due to be paid in the month of December. As we are only open on the 9th and 16th of the month, we kindly request that you settle your account on one of the above dates. If you make the payment by bank transfer could you please insure that you provide a copy of the receipt as proof of payment.

Saturday School will be closed on the 23rd and the 30th of December 2017. The last Saturday school in December is on the 16th. We return in the New Year on the 13th of January 2018.

16th Dec - Last Saturday School of 2017
13th Jan - First Saturday School of 2018

Also, could all parents kindly come at 12.15pm on Saturday 16th December 2017 as the children will be putting on a short Christmas performance.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


05dec2017-cinedfestOn Tuesday 21st November, we welcomed Cinedfest's Carlos Doval. He gave a fascinating four-hour lecture for our young student interested in the world of film. Mr Doval expertly explained in depth what the competition is about, provided us with some top tips on producing our own short film and encouraged more students to participate.

In addition, he talked us through the process of the production of films. He is a professional cinematographic technician, so spoke mostly about the equipment used to produce different effects in movies that he has worked on. Mr Doval also showed us some photos from the film sets he's been involved in. Towards the end of the session, students were handed a general script where they were free to incorporate creativity and form groups to record the scene. Using the completed recorded scenes, he demonstrated film editing according to the original intentions of the students.

We'd like to thank Mr Doval for taking the time out to visit us. As we now know more about the amount of effort professionals put into what is seen on the screen. For some of us, this will be a path we'll take as part of our future career choice.

More information on CinedFest:

Written by Kelly Wan (Y13)

Photo by Elena Gräser (Y13)

Banco de Alimentos

07dec2017-voluntariadoEl pasado viernes 1 de diciembre, un grupo de 7 alumnos del colegio y una ex-alumna, participaron como voluntarios en la Recogida de Alimentos convocada por el Banco de Alimentos, en el puesto del supermercado Alcampo. Era su primera participación con el Banco de Alimentos. Estuvieron en el turno de 14:00-18:00, aunque ellos se incorporaron a las 15:30 , hora de salida del colegio. Estuvieron acompañados en todo momento por otros voluntarios con más experiencia en este tipo de campañas, quienes les explicaron en qué consistía la campaña y su labor como voluntarios. Al finalizar su turno, tanto los responsables del Banco de Alimentos como el resto de voluntarios experimentados, les felicitaron por el magnífico trabajo realizado y el empeño que pusieron en dar a conocer a todas las personas que acudían al centro comercial, la campaña que se estaba llevando a cabo.

Football - BSGC vs Oakley

BSGC Red Lions (11-13) 13th November 2017

BSGC 6 – 4 Oakley College

The "Lions" fought back from 2-0 down to win 6-4 in a high scoring game at Marzagan on Monday. BSGC had control for most of the match, despite the half time score line of 3-2 to Oakley. Oakley saw very little of the ball, but managed to unleash a couple of ruthless counter attacks, leaving the "Lions" defence unprepared and shocked. After a few changes at half time, the Lions became solid at the back thanks, in large part, to a man of the match performance from Daniel Santana. Oakley gave away three penalties for professional fouls inside the area, of which Sebastian Monroy converted 2, and Fernando (captain) scored one. Similar to his edge of the area back to goal winner from last year, against the same opponents, Modou Njie slotted the ball home neatly. All these goals added to Carlos Valencia first half strike, to make it 6 v 4 to BSGC. A solid performance and another win against Oakley.

TEAM: Beltran, Federico, Pablo, Tomas, Antidio, Daniel, Fernando, Ander, Carlos, Sebastian, Modou, Emilio, Karan, Diren.

BSGC "Young Lions" (9-10) 14th November 2017

BSGC 4 – 5 Oakley College

Similar to the "Red Lions", the "Young Lions" went 2 – 0 down very quickly in the first half, but once they found their feet, they dominated the first half. Goals from Sheikh Njie and Jose Joaquin salvaged a score line of 2 – 2 at the break. Once again, the Young Lions were taken by surprise in the first 3 minutes of the second half, as the visitors scored another 2 quick goals to make the score 4 – 2. A brilliantly worked team goal was finished off by Cecilio Ruiz, before Sheikh Njie got his second of the game. A lapse in concentration at the back let Oakley sneak ahead 5 – 4 with a penalty that the solid frame of Jung Jun in goal couldn´t quite stop. A few more minutes on the clock and the Young Lions could have definitely won it. Wave after wave, attack after attack, rained down on the Oakley goal but BSGC just could not find the back of the net. Lapses in concentration cost the team, who overall played well and were the better team for a lot of the match. There were a number of noteworthy performances including Jose Joaquin, Victor Lopez and Cecilio Ruiz, a great midfield who posed a constant attacking threat whenever BSGC had the ball. However, centre back Alejandro Cabrera (swapping his rugby boots for Football boots) earned Man of the Match for an all-around controlled and focussed performance.
TEAM: Jung Jun, Simon, Alejandro C, Simon, Victor ©, Jose (1), Cecilio (1), Alejandro V, Sheikh (2), Anup, Gabriele, Santiago, Chirag.

BSGC "Cubs" (7-8) 14th November 2017

BSGC 3 – 2 Oakley College

The match started slowly with the defence getting used to their new positions, which gave Oakley an advantage to score early which they took and scored a goal (1-0). A few minutes later, Lucas (year 8) equalized by scoring a magnificent goal (1-1). Oakley tried hard to score a goal and created a 1 on 1 chance against Danny (Y8 Oakley goalkeeper). The Oakley striker hit the ball hard, but Danny reacted to it fast and made a great save. Buba (Y7) then came on from the bench to score and make the score 2-1 to the BSGC ´´Cubs´´. Ten minutes into the second half Buba scored another goal thanks to a great run and assist from Lorenzo (Y7) making it 3 -1 to the ´´Cubs´´. Oakley responded by scoring a late goal but with time running out, BSGC held on for a well-earned victory. Final score BSGC 3 - Oakley 2.
Team: Daniel, Samuel, Oscar, Luca © (1), Hugo, Jaime, Ivan, Diego, Lorenzo, Bubacarr (2)

Written by Buba and Lorezo (Y7)

Visit to Jinamar Power Plant

27nov2017-jinamar-powerplantOn Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st November two groups of Year 11 students went to visit Jinámar Power Station.

Jinámar is one of two fossil fuel power stations that provide most of the electricity for Gran Canaria. A small amount of our electricity also comes from wind and solar power. In the future we will get more of our electricity from renewables - there is a European aim to stop burning fossil fuels by the year 2050.

When we arrived at the power station we listened to a talk about the history of electricity generation in Gran Canaria, about how the Jinámar plant operates now, and about future developments in electricity generation.

After this we were taken on a tour of the power station, which included visits to:

  • a steam turbine generator
  • the main control room
  • a diesel generator
  • the water purification system
  • the cafeteria, where we enjoyed a quick snack

We were all very impressed with the size and the scale of the buildings and machinery. The students asked lots of questions to Sñr Santana, the engineer who was our guide for the visit, and deepened their knowledge in a number of areas.

Positive outcomes from the trip included:

  • seeing science from our last topic (energy) in action
  • getting an introduction to our next topic (electromagnetism)
  • finding out about where our electricity comes from
  • being exposed to different careers in science and engineering

The visit was a great success, and we look forward to visiting Jinámar again in the future.

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