England vs Germany: the rematch(es)

08jan2019-vs-deutscheOn 19th December, the Lionesses and the Young Lions competed in volleyball against the Deutsche Schule. It was the first outing BSGC has ever had at the official German school, in any fixture. The teams were welcomed warmly by a mixture of staff and students.

The Lionesses, who train every week, completely outclassed the Deutsche Schule and won in two straight sets of 25. A number of crucial recoveries from Carla really helped all the girls play to a high standard. There looks like there will be plenty more to come from the team over the next few years. The last-minute, makeshift Young Lions could not replicate the result of their female counterparts, however. They lost in as many sets. Yet each set was very close and, with more practice, the boys could definitely be on the winning side in the future.

So, a very positive step forward for the volleyball teams. These fixtures also strengthened Anglo-German relations on the island. Bring it on!

Festive Frolics

21dec2018-christmasMr Johnson's Christmas Extravaganza has become one of the highlights of the year, something all students and staff look forward to. The 2018 version was no exception. The pick of the proceedings was undoubtedly BSGC's take on The Twelve Days of Christmas with a partridge in a pear tree replaced by a lost locker key. 






Trivial pursuits

21dec2018-trivialWhere will you find the Sea of Tranquility? In which mode do computers calculate numbers? Just two of the questions posed to our Year 11-13 and Year 7-10 students in the Interhouse Secondary General Knowledge Competitions.

The answers, of course, were the Moon and binary. But we know you knew that. Timanfaya won the Year 11-13 Competition with an average score of 5.02 per round and Roque Nublo the 7-10, averaging 6.20 marks per round, with the final overall results being announced on the last day of term - Friday 21st December. Who do you think will win?

Feeding the world

21dec0218-food21dec2018-toysYear 10CM and The BSGC have collaborated with the Murphy family who run a food bank in Jinámar. They have organised a Christmas charity to help those in need. So those who have less than us will receive seasonal treats such as shortbread, nougat, chocolate, marzipan, and other surprises.

We have managed to collect a large quantity of food thanks to all of the students. Thank you, Miss McDonald, for telling us about the Murphy family's gesture of goodwill. We are so glad we have helped raise funds for this amazing charity and hope we can work together again in the future.

Mónica Campanario Torres, Nunú Nianzu Shen Ding and Sergio Torrent Cabrera

Young Lions tamed

21dec2018-footballOn Tuesday 18th December, BSGC´s KS4 team (consisting mostly of iGCSE PE students) played against Oakley at Marzagan. The Young Lions battled extremely hard, and put all their efforts in to represent the badge. A couple of goals by Sheikh and Cecilio, however, could not hold off the onslaught from a very well-organised and highly-skilled Oakley side who netted seven times. Nevertheless, the Young Lions can hold their heads high. We should have really scored more in the second half. Yet the "rub of the green" was not on our side.

Man of the Match: José Joaquín Díaz de Aguilar Rodriguez (Number 2)

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