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Article 38.5 of Organic Law 2/2006 of 3 May on education states that students coming from an education system within the Member States of the European Union may attend Spanish universities, without having to take the university entrance exam (PAU). Royal Decree 1892/2008, of 14 November, regulates the conditions for access to official university degree courses and admission procedures at Spanish public universities. [Modified by Royal Decree 558/2010]

The British School of G.C. is an English school on Spanish territory, and therefore all our studies must be approved in order to access Spanish university.



Up to Year 7 (6º de Primaria) Automatic approval

From Year 8-11 (1º-4º de ESO)

Year 10 (3º de ESO)-----IGCSE English 2nd language

Year 11 (4º de ESO)----IGCSE/GCSE exams

4 IGCSE A*-C (English section is included)

+ grade C in the Spanish section =

Spanish School Leaving Certificate (ESO)

Year 12 (1º Bachiller)---AS exams

Year 13 (2º Bachiller)---A Level exams

5 IGCSE A*-C = 1º de Bachillerato

+ 2 A-Levels + 1 AS =

Título de Bachiller



Students who want to get access to Spanish universities from any Spanish school or high school need to obtain their Bachelor’s Degree, but they also have to pass the university entrance examination “PRUEBA DE ACCESSO A LA UNIVERSIDAD” (PAU). This consists of two parts: general phase, which is compulsory (PAU GENERAL), and specific phase, which is voluntary (PAU ESPECÍFICA).

The access for our students is the same as for all other Spanish students, so BSGC pupils will have to obtain their required A Level passes (Year 12 and 13). Since we do not receive our results until August (when most places at universities are already taken), the students obtain provisional marks according to their MOCK Examinations results, carried out in January. The UNED (Universidad a Distancia) will be responsible for verifying that the requirements for University access are met.

After the UNED has received the applications, they will send us a PROVISIONAL DOCUMENT. With this document the school authorizes the general phase of the PAU examination (PAU GENERAL), and our students then have direct access to Spanish University. Those students who wish to prepare for the specific phase (PAU ESPECÍFICA), can do so.

The SPECIFIC phase of the PAU can be studied in the school during Year 12 and 13.

Spanish University from British Studies

Year 12 and 13 Studies approved =

Título de Bachiller (A-Levels)

+ GENERAL PHASE of PAU Examination

Year 12 and 13 Studies approved =

Título de Bachiller (A-Levels)

+ GENERAL PHASE of PAU Examination

+ SPECIFIC PHASE (voluntary)

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